Where and how to sell unused domain names in Nepal?

Where and how to sell unused domain names in Nepal?

Do you own domain name that you are not using? Or you want to earn money by reselling domain names. In both cases, you need to take help from a domain marketplace and a domain broker because without them your market reach is very limited. After all the higher the demand the higher the price of the domain name.

In the international market, there are a lot of stories about how domain investors made millions by buying domain names real cheap, often less than 10 bucks, and selling them in thousands of dollars or even millions. Today there are thousands of domain investors, flippers and people who make their living by flipping domain names. 

There is one golden rule that affects a domain name’s value – the domain name must attract organic traffic. The more organic traffic a domain gets, the higher is its value. There are other weighty rules as well – the domain name should be short as it is easy to remember and broadly speaking dot com domains are valued more.

In the international market, there are various domain marketplace to buy and resell registered domains such as Sedo, Afternic, Flippa, DAN, and GoDaddy. NDN (Nepal Domainer’s Network) is the first domain name brokerage company in Nepal which provides listing services and domain resell.

Here is how it works.

First, make sure that your domain name is eligible – your domain name should not contain vulgar, adult, or offensive word(s). Similarly, misleading, misspelling, fake, scam, and phishing related names are not allowed. You cannot list brand, intellectual, or trademark violating names. Each domain name is assessed before listing.

  • Contact us from our contact page section or by sending a mail at info@ndngo.com with your domain name and expected sale price.
  • NDN will contact you whether your domain is qualified for listing, which might take 3-5 business days.
  • After your domain name is qualified for listing you need to pay the listing fee, which is currently free. Your domain name will then appear in the “For Sale” listing page.
  • You have to pay a success fee and applicable taxes only if your domain name is successfully sold.

If you have any more questions you can visit the FAQ page