Finding a brandable dot com is scarce in Nepal. How worth it is to invest in domain names in my business?

Finding a brandable dot com is scarce in Nepal. How worth it is to invest in domain names in my business?

Nepal is a country of around 30M population, where the majority of the population are youths. Nepal is famous for its world’s tallest mountain Mt Everest, many himalayas and the birthplace of lord Buddha, the symbol of global peace and non-violence. Well, Nepal is no longer an isolated nation as of now 2020. The expansion of cell phone service provider in 3G,4G network has made possible to get connected with the outside world ever before. The mobile internet data packages are relatively cheaper than in many other developed countries where it costs 0.0065 Cents (8Paisa) per MB data on a 4G network run by state-owned telecom giant Nepal Telecom. Also, telecom providers are always competing in slashing data rates on different occasions and festivals. Besides cellular networks, major cities also have a good broadband network connection and are expanding in tier 2 and tier 3 towns and cities. In the digital ecosystem, easy internet access and availability to the public is the foundation of all e-businesses to flourish.  Currently, Nepal is moving towards a digital economy where many new startups and businesses on e-commerce, news portals, lifestyle apps like food delivery, ridesharing and social media are trending and growing popular which have become daily life of Nepalese netizens. Owners of brick and mortar businesses and companies are gradually shifting towards the digital world.

Growing consumer internet literacy and demand for e-services are good signs of going digital at present times, where it seems the future of business going digital would be the best investment at this time. This is where domain name becomes the first element of business shifting towards digital. Still, many business owners don’t give importance to the value of domain names and their role in a successful online presence which can be costly and a bad business decision. Time has been changed a lot, where investing in a brandable domain name is a smart way to begin and give the business a huge boost without having to invest in lots of branding, marketing, and other overhead costs.


Dotcom boom in Nepal

The exact year when the dotcom boom started in Nepal cannot be found exactly but according to the industry experts, the boom actually started anywhere around 2010-2012 A.D. In the current scenario 2020, here in Nepal its almost impossible to get natural, premium and brandable domain names (gTLD’s) in the Nepali keywords category. Starting e-commerce, businesses and the news portal website is really hard as the premium and brandable keywords names are already taken where many high-quality names are still unused. Most popular keywords relating to news portals in Nepal like Khabar, Patrika, Samachar, Dainik, Post, Pati, Patra, Express, Times, News, etc. have already been registered by someone else. The same are the cases across other businesses where finding a good domain name is just a waste of valuable efforts, time and business decisions. But you still shouldn’t have to be worried as chances are still left in buying the domain names by negotiating the offer by directly contacting the domain owner from WHOIS contact information or through aftermarket domain brokerage services where such premium brandable domain names are put on sale. On the aftermarket premium and brandable domain price can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Prices are much higher than that of first-hand registration cost because of its brand value, premium quality, a leader in the category, SEO keyword value and frequency of the business the domain word generates. It is always a smart idea to invest in brandable names where the initial budget can be higher but in the long run, it always pays back to investors.

Investing in a brandable domain name is similar to purchasing a slot or space in a newly constructed mall on a busy street. We can also directly offer an attractive price to the owner of a running business where he/she could leave space for you by cashing out. Investing in domain names is actually the real-estate of the internet names where the value of the property being sold is agreed truly only by buyers and sellers where market standards are key factors deciding the actual final sale price. Some examples of the aftermarket sales price of premium domain names are shown below.


SN. Domain Name Price (USD) Date sold
1 30,000,000. 2019
2 8,500,000. 2010
3 3,600,000. 2014
4 3,000,000. 2006