• What should I do to start selling domain name?

    First carefully read our FAQ section thoroughly. If your domain prequalifies for selling then send us a message via the contact with your own expected sale price. You will be further contacted for listing only when it is qualified, which typically can take 3-5 business days.

  • Can a newly registered domain name be eligible to sell?

    Yes but, technically cannot be transferable. When you register a domain or have previously transferred it to another registrar, then the domain will be locked for 60 days. During this period the domain cannot be transferred. It is the part of the ICANN transfer policy and applies to all registrars. If your project needs to go live before 60 days waiting period, then you can make fifty percent of the agreed or mentioned payment. After payment verification, we will immediately point the domain to your hosted server. The further transfer and payment process will begin when 60 days lockdown period is completed, where you will be notified in advance.

  • Which types of domain names are accepted for listing? Are there any restrictions?

    We only prefer quality word which is premium, brandable, and high-value top-level domain (gTLD)  in our listing. Your domain name will not qualify further if it contains any vulgar, adult, explicit, and offensive word, celebrity/individual names, misspelling, misleading, fake, scam, and phishing related words, governmental, institutional and organizational names, national and international trademark violating names, and intellectual property, product, and brand violating names.  Before the listing, we carefully pick the names which are followed by evaluation standards in every respect. Only the company has the right whether to accept or reject the names even if it follows the mentioned guidelines answered on all faqs. 

  • Are there any fees and taxes charged after a domain is sold?

    Yes, you are required to pay 'Success Fee' and related applicable taxes only if the domain is sold. Please check our Pricing information for more details.

  • What if I under quote price as a buyer and ask to revise price as a seller?

    As a buyer underquoting the mentioned price will not be replied or heard back instead if the price is not available then negotiations are welcomed.Whereas as a seller price revision request will not be entertained once it is listed. We advise you to decide well about the domain price. Let us know if you require any assistance.

  • How long does it take to transfer a domain?

    On average it takes from few hours to few days, and typically 5 days to 14 days depending upon either same or different registrar. Well it also depends upon multiple factors after transfer initiation process has begun where both parties needs to cooperate parallely.

  • How much does it cost to list on NDN?

    Currently listing is free for a limited time period unless notified and later would be charged accordingly. After the domain is qualified for listing, you have to pay listing fee first via bank and wallets which we will let you know. Once the payment is received we will update in the next working day into our website. Please check the pricing section for detailed listing fees. Failure to pay the listing fee after the free listing expires will be delisted.

  • Is there any guarantee that listing a domain name would sell my domain name instantly?

    No, we won't and will never guarantee you the name on 'For Sale' will be sold immediately after listing on our website. But what we believe is sellers will get more visibility among prospective buyers through our platform.

  • How do I get paid after the sale is successful? What are the Payment terms?

    Depending upon buyer and seller location it can take anywhere between 5-14days (excluding public holidays) from the day when the sale is made. All involving parties will be mutually guided further about the process of fund transfers, where any mandatory bank charges are liable to pay at their end.

  • How secure, transparent and confidential will be the process?

    Both buyer and seller information is fully confidential and private. Unless requested by both buyer and seller we do not make any sales information public. Client identity and data privacy is our top priority. The transactions process is 100% confidential and secure in every respect.

  • How should I value my domain?

    It depends on the number of factors like age, character length, brand-ability, keyword value, etc. There are many available domain valuation tools, metrics, and standards that provide insights on domain name valuations. Remember pricing too high could reject the chances of selling to prospective buyers. We assist sellers with paid comprehensive due diligence of the domain name after it qualifies to list on our website.

  • How to check if my domain prequalifies for listing?

    Domain should have at least 90 days remaining before the renewal and must not have any recent transfer history within the last 60 days.Domain must contain gTLD extension and must not violate any rules as stated in above FAQ's.Domain should have premium and brand promising keyword which further supports most technical and marketing abilities.

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